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The Best Website Builder For Restaurants

Table.Ninja is your cloud based solution to get your restaurant website online fast and easy at an affordable price.

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What Exactly Is Table.Ninja?

Table.Ninja is a cloud solution for restaurateurs who need a beautiful website that is easy to manage. Cloud platforms provide you access to a service from anywhere on any device that has Internet access. They are the wave of the future. Google Mail is a cloud e-mail solution. Dropbox is a cloud file storage and sharing solution. Shopify is a cloud e-commerce solution.

Table.Ninja is your restaurant website cloud solution.

Table.Ninja was designed by people in the industry and optimized for restaurants and their specific needs. It provides the perfect solution for creating your restaurant website, tailored to your needs, at an affordable monthly price. Skip months of time and a large upfront investment for traditional, out-dated website development. Stop over-paying developers to make small changes needed to keep your menu page up to date. Setup your website in days, without the large upfront investment and with no long-term commitment.


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How Much Does It Cost?

Less than the price of a meal at a nice restaurant.

per month

Monthly subscription to the Table.Ninja platform. No commitment, cancel anytime. Your subscription includes all hosting and website email services. Support is provided 24-7.

Why Table.Ninja?

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Hi! I am Tim Endres. I own a web development company. My company builds websites for many types of businesses, including restaurants. Over the years, I noticed that each restaurant had very similar needs for their website and online marketing efforts – a professional presentation, up-to-date online menus, coupons, reservations, online ordering, and to display impeccably well on mobile phones.

Then one day my brother Mike called. He had just opened his new pizza place and was asking me to help him with a website. I wanted to help my brother, so I offered him a 60% discount on the price to have my staff design and develop the site. I was dismayed at his reply: “I simply cannot afford that, Tim.” After my brother explained to me the investment in time and money he made just to open the doors, it only confirmed how difficult the restaurant business can be. It was then that I decided that there had to be a better solution for restauranteurs who need a web presence in this digital age.

So I sat down with my team with the goal to develop that solution. A cloud based website platform that could deliver all of the features that any restaurant needs, at an affordable monthly price. No large upfront investment. No commitment. Just a quality website that delivers everything a restaurant needs. The demands of your business are already overwhelming. Your website should make life easier.

Table.Ninja Features

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I won’t bore you with the long list of all of Table.Ninja’s technical features here. If you really wish to see those, feel free to look at our features page. What you really want to know is – does Table.Ninja make my restaurant look good, and provide everything I need for my website?

You bet it does! Our website templates have been designed by world class graphic designers, not programmers. They look fabulous, and they will make you look fabulous. More importantly, they are designed from the beginning to display on every device, from desktop computers to laptops to tablets and on the smartphones that everyone owns now.

If you don’t look good, what good are features?

Every restaurant is unique, and our templates are designed to accommodate you. Each template is designed from the very beginning to allow you to personalize your website with text, images, and even video, so that your website will reflect your personal identity.

Looking good is priority one. But looking good must be backed up by solid functionality. Key members of our team have real experience in the food and beverage industry, and have helped design Table.Ninja to deliver every feature any restaurant needs, from online menus, to reservations (including integration with OpenTable), to taking orders online (with third party platforms such as Eat24), to custom coupons. We went one step further, and included job posting and job application processing, because handling job applications is something that should not be wasting your precious time.

Table.Ninja has everything you need, and more.

Restauranteurs never rest, and neither do we. We are always striving to develop new features, and because Table.Ninja is a cloud solution, every new feature we develop comes to you immediately, and best of all – free!

Why Do I Need A New Website?

  • Not Mobile Ready
  • Cannot Edit Menus
  • Looks Old and Tired
  • Website Broken

Maybe you already have a website. Maybe you made a substantial investment in that website. You may be asking me, “Tim, why do I need a new website?”

To be honest, maybe you don’t! I am not here to sell you something that you don’t need. We have plenty of potential customers who need what Table.Ninja offers. Every restaurant owner works very hard for the money they put in the bank. I have no desire to waste it.

Just ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Can you easily edit your online menu whenever the menu changes?
  • Does your website display properly on a mobile phone?
  • Does your website look like geek central?
  • Are you able to integrate OpenTable or Eat24 at no additional cost?
  • Do you dread calling your website developers for simple changes?

We understand that many restaurants already have a beautiful website that is mobile-friendly, allows them to easily edit their menus, and provides trouble free operation. If you are in this group, congratulations. You made a solid investment. But we also know that many restaurant websites were developed years ago, before smartphones were commonplace. They were designed by web development firms that had programmers attempting to do graphic design. They were programmed at a time when technology did not yet provide the ability to create the beautiful, feature-rich websites that are so common today.

If your website is coming up short, it is time to address that. Not by making another large investment with a web development firm that will take months to deliver a website that may not meet all of your needs. With Table.Ninja, there is no upfront investment! Just sign up, select one of our beautiful, professionally designed templates, provide us with the URL to your existing website, and we will have your new website up and running in no time. Beautiful, functional, and affordable.


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